Tours in other german cities

 Dresden – The „German Florence“

The state capital of the current Federal State of Saxony is named for the first time in an official deed of the year 1206: Acta sunt hec Dresdene. A privileged location in the Elbe Valley surrounded by breathtaking nature, transport hub and economic center at the same time, various historical, artistic and architectural epochs, innovations and cutting-edge technologies, this and more is Dresden: a city to see and throughout enjoy!


Cologne – The „Ecclesiastical Province on the Rhine”

The present-day metropolis on the Rhine, the ancient Oppidum Ubiorum, was founded as city (Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium, short Colonia or CCAA) in the year 50 AD. The favorable location on the Rhine with the crossing of important west-east trade routes and the seat of secular as well as a mighty ecclesiastical power contributed to the supra-regional validity of Cologne in the Holy Roman Empire. As a Hanseatic city, it became an important trading location. Art, culture, fascinating history, countless attractions are here in Cologne: a city to discover!


Nuremberg – The „Heart of Franconia“

The city of Nuremberg was first mentioned in documents in 1050. From 1219 onwards, it was an independent imperial city of the Holy Roman Empire German Nation. Centuries of history, numerous ancient buildings, exquisite gastronomy, tradition and modernity in a city with a picturesque environment: Nuremberg, the heart of Franconia!



 Wittenberg – The „Craddle of the Reformation“

Today’s world-famous Lutherstadt Wittenberg is a liveable and modern city. Almost spared by the war and the socialist urban redevelopment, it still retains its original charm. It is a place where open brooks flow through the city center, shady old town houses offer the perfect retreat and where even today living, working and enjoying harmoniously coincide. Wittenberg is worth more than one visit!



Munich – „Bavaria’s Pride“

From the medieval settlement “by the monks” (Munichen) to the historic imperial city, from the former principality to the mighty kingdom, the current bavarian capital is endowed with countless attractions to discover and enjoy. According to the magazine Monocle Munich was in 2018 the most livable city in the world. If you want to get to know this city and its treasures, join me on what will certainly be an unforgettable journey!


More german cities upon request: Aachen, the “City of Charlemagne” /  Trier, “Rom’s Northern Limits” / Fallersleben and Wolfsburg, the“Roots of the Nation” / Füssen – The “Enchanted City” / Bonn – The “Second Capital