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World War II

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The town of Sachsenhausen lies 32 kilometers north-east of Berlin. Belonging to the jurisdiction of the picturesque city of Oranienburg, the current site has existed since 1300. According to the chronicles of the time, a fort named “Neumühl” was first built at the confluence of the Havel river, flanked by a mill where the peasants of the area could market their products. In 1448, as part of the commercial route of the Hanseatic League, the Sachsenhausen lock was built to regulate river traffic in the region.

Until the first half of the 18th century, this was the main source of income for the local population. Of the fort, mill, 16th century village of weavers and the shipyard that emerged at the beginning of the 19th  century, there are but historical records. No remnents of the first brewery built in Oranienburg exist either: it was here, where on March 22, 1933, after Hitler’s “Seizure of Power”, the first provisional concentration camp of the national socialist period was installed. Until its official closure in July 1934, a total of 3,000 women and men were imprisoned. At least 16 of the inmates were killed by the guards in charge. Two years later, in the summer of 1936, prisoners from other camps were forced to erect a new complex: the KZ Sachsenhausen. Since 1938, Sachsenhausen was not only a concentration camp but the “Administrative Central and General Inspection” of all “Reich” concentration camps and very soon, in the Klinkerwerk complex, subordinated to the main camp, the first place in German territory for the systematic extermination of prisoners.


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