And action! The Park and Film Studios Babelsberg

And…Action! – The Park and Film Studios Babelsberg

Everything I had to know about how to make movies I learned in Babelsberg.” Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock


Quite right, Mr. Hitchcock! In the oldest film studios in Europe, between the southwest of Berlin and Sanssouci Park, more than 3000 film productions have been made. Outstanding films such as Metropolis, with which German director Fritz Lang made movie history by giving rise to the genre Science Fiction; The Blue Angel, which launched the legendary Marlene Dietrich to world fame; films shot in the difficult years of the territorial division of Germany under the aegis of the ancient  DEFA Film Company, and newly, productions given the highest awards in the film industry such as: The Pianist (2002), The Reader (2008), Operation Walküre (2008), Inglourious Basterds (2008), Anonymous (2010), The three Musketiers 3D (2010), Cloud Atlas (2011), The Monuments Men (2013), Grand Budapest Hotel (2013) and Bridge of Spies (2015), are just a sample of what countless internationally renowned filmmakers have achieved. For over 100 years, dreams have played a leading role in the film studios and today the name Babelsberg is synonymous with innovation and creativity in the communications and entertainment industries.
Let me show you what the “movie magic” is about: go behind the scenes and discover how ideas and dreams become a “reality”. Tour around the facilities of the film park and learn what it takes to the make a film. And if you want to become a filmmaker for a day, professional studio staff will guide you through an exclusive tour for groups (Making movies) where the participants themselves take on the parts of director, cameraman, sound engineer and actors making their own short film! Who will play the female leading role? Who will be the soulless villain? Who is in charge of the wardrobe?

And now that the technical instructions have been delivered and the performers are on their marks, attention: sound, camera, clack and … Action!



Important notes

  • For all programs (except Nightime in Berlin and Museums) a minimum duration of 3,5 hours applies.
  • At your choice, almost all the programs can be conducted in form of walks, bicycle rides, with public (bus, metro, urban train, tram) or private transport.
  • All programs can be modified or combined in one or many ways. I can customize your visit to meet your wishes.
  • All tours are conducted from two people, but also for larger groups and companies.
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  • Outdoor tours (The Royal Walks, biking tours, Memorial Estate and Museum Sachsenhausen) cannot be performed under poor weather conditions.
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