Once e upon a time there was a small town on the banks of a river called Spree.
In the course of centuries this town developed into the capital city of a powerful kingdom: Prussia. Some time before entering the darkest period in her record, the city will go down in history as the most important town of a young and short-lived empire. With all its highs and lows the fascinating aspects of Berlin's historic development including its immediate surroundings and geographical confines are today reflected in the numerous sites of interest and attractions suited to fit many and varied interests. Come and enjoy the unique experience to learn about the different aspects of cultural life, arts and entertainment, visit unusual and mysterious places, trace the past as well as today's distinctive features. I will provide you with uncommon views of the German capital and surrounding area offering guided tours and excursions tailored to your interests. .

Also .... oh! I am sorry, to begin with, allow me to introduce myself


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On top of one of Berlin's most popular monuments, the Victory Column (Siegessäule), which offers a fantastic view over almost all the sights of the inner city. This is one of the "favourites" that I am delighted to show you if you accept one or more options from my offer of tours and are happy to relax back into my 20 years of experience and enthusiasm.
Born at the equator (Quito, Ecuador), after ten years in thrilling Brazil during my teens, I completed my studies in “Business Administration in Hotels and Management” in Quito and started work as a tourist guide in 1992. When moving to Berlin in 2000, I specialized in history and art history and obtained a qualification from the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation, which entitles me to take you on a guided tour of the most important museums and palaces - personally, individually and in five different languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, English, German)


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The "Royal Tours" of Berlin and Potsdam
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